Canada: Huge Success for Socialist Fightback Students


The Canadian Marxists of Fightback have had a tremendously succesful campaign in the new university term. Here we publish a report of their interventions and results.

Throughout the month of September, Socialist Fightback clubs at UVic, UofT, Ryerson, York U and Seneca, Trent Durham, McMaster, Waterloo, UdeM, Concordia, and McGill, engaged with hundreds of students interested in Marxist ideas during the frosh campus club days and street festivals. In total, over 1000 students expressed interest in learning more about socialism and how to achieve it by signing up for our clubs on campuses across the country. Hundreds of students also purchased copies of Fightback magazine and our booklets of Marxist fundamentals such as the Communist Manifesto, demonstrating a serious desire for the theoretical tools required to fight the capitalist system.

The thirst for revolutionary ideas among the youth is even more evident when considering the record attendance our student clubs have had at their first public events of the academic year. The Socialist Fightback clubs at Ryerson, York U and UofT in Toronto hosted public events on “Why We Need a Revolution”, “What Will Socialism Look Like?” and “Capitalism in Crisis: Reform or Revolution”, with an average turnout of 40-50 students. In Montreal, the Socialist Fightback clubs at McGill, Concordia, UdeM and UQAM had similar events with impressive turnouts. A pub night hosted by the clubs at McGill and Concordia brought out 60 people followed by a public event hosted by the Concordia club that had 80 people in attendance, with the latter receiving positive coverage from three student newspapers!